Frequently Asked Questions - Prom

FAQs - Prom
Think ahead for memorable prom

Prom time is approaching fast and when planned carefully, it can be one of the most memorable times in your life. When making plans for your prom, consider the following questions:

Who will be your date?

After confirming your date for the prom, be sure to sit down and discuss the details. Communication is very important so that everyone will know what their role is.
Discuss what time you will leave and ask your parents what time you should return. Adhere to your curfew rules so that you may go out again soon.

Who will pay for the evening?

Be clear about who will pay for what. Never assume the other person is paying. No one should have to be unpleasantly surprised or unprepared. Discuss this in advance.

What will you wear?

Prom attire can be quite costly, so select something that you can wear for another occasion. You may also consider renting a dress to save money. Also, be sure to select comfortable shoes so that you can have a great time on the dance floor.
Tuxedos should be reserved early enough to allow alterations.

How will you wear your hair?

Schedule your hair appointment early and describe in detail the style you want. You may want to show the hairstylist a photo if it is difficult to describe.
Guys don’t forget to visit the barber.

How will you get there?

Will you drive? Will your date drive? Or, will you rent a limousine?
Limousines are a great and safe way to go to the prom. This service can be very affordable when the rental fee is divided among several couples. There are eight-passenger to 14-passanger and more super stretch cars.
You can relax, kick back and be chauffeured in style. Reserve early.

A note to the young men…

When you pick up your date, never blow the horn for her to come out. Go to the door to get her. Greet the parents, ask them what time she needs to be back and assure them that you are a responsible gentleman. Be prompt!
Don’t forget to open the doors for her and remember to bring her a corsage.

A note to the young ladies…

Don’t forget to pick up a boutonniere for your date. Be sure to carry yourself like a young lady and insist on being treated like one. Also, carry emergency money with you on prom night and any other time you go out on a date, just in case you need to take a cab home. Be prepared!

Prom time is an exciting time to dress up and have fun with your friends. Don’t be pressured into doing anything that you should not do. This night does not have to include drugs, alcohol or sex.

Remember to practice good etiquette and have a fabulous time.

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